Sunday, August 23, 2009

Making Progress

Things are really moving along. I'm in the process of securing our condo rental for the duration of our stay in Vancouver and our flights were booked this week.
Once I gave up on trying to find a hotel room to book and moved onto condo rentals things began to take shape. I feel relieved that all of the major things are booked. Now I have to work on paying this all off, getting a computer so I can blog from the Olympics and looking for some Canada paraphernalia to take with me to show the athletes that I support them.
I'm surprised that all these things didn't take longer to tell you the truth. Everything seems to be working out after much research, discussion and budgeting.
We're on our way!!!!
My mom is already praying for decent weather for the day we leave. The last thing I need is to get stranded because of a snow storm!

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