Sunday, June 7, 2009

On My Way

I remember being a child and watching the summer Olympics on Los Angeles. I was fascinated by them, all of these competitors, all of these sports, in one place. I loved every minute of it. The following year I asked my mom when the Olympics would be starting. She broke the horrible news to me that Olympics only happen every 4 years. It seemed torture to wait that long. Ever since, I have watched summer and winter Olympics like a maniac. I was glued to my TV last year for the Summer Games in Beijing. I didn't even go out the 16 days they were on. I came home from work every day to catch up on what happened, I watched before I went to work. Basically I am a bit obsessed and the first to admit it.
The thought of going to Vancouver for the Winter 2010 games didn't really start to form until last fall. When I read on the Vancouver 2010 site that Canadians would get first shot at tickets, I thought I may have a chance. If ever I could get to a Games, this would be the best one to try for. After all, its in my home country, who better to cheer on Canadians on home turf than us crazy Olympic Canadian fans.
I put together my list of ticket requests and sent it off to VOC and awaited the results. December brought major disappointment. Out of all the events I requested, I got two! Two! I thougtht I would have to give up my dream trip. I wasn't going to make the trip for only 2 events.
Yesterday, June 6th, brought about a whole new plan. Phase 2 of ticket sales began. I figured this was my last chance to get the events that I wanted. June 6th would be the deciding factor as to whether or not I continued on the next phase of trip planning.
I am happy to say I got tickets for everything I wanted and more! I even got tickets to the Closing Ceremonies, something I've always dreamed of going to but never ever thought it would be possible.
The next step is finding a place to stay in Vancouver and figuring out how to get there. Sometimes I think that getting tickets may have been the easiest part! I have put the word out to all Vancouver friends to keep their ears open for places we can stay.
I've got all the tickets I wanted and will make sure I am there to see my events. My mom and my brother will be by my side. Mostly because I needed someone to go with, but I hope that they get caught up in the excitement and have a great time with me. I feel so honoured to be going to the Olympics and cheer on our Canadian athletes. I have so much admiration for their talents and dedication to their sports. This is a dream come true for me.
Stay tuned for updates on the quest for accommodations. Maybe the hardest part is yet to come.

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