Monday, June 22, 2009

The Race for a Hotel Room

And so the hunt begins. I never thought I would actually end up with tickets to the Olympics and have to go through the horror of finding a place to stay. Our first attempt has confirmed what we already know: its going to be very difficult. Several downtown hotels appear to be full, another is not taking reservations until the Fall. Hopefully there will be others like that. Right now, they seem to be my only chance.
I've moved the search away from downtown, out by the airport and am even considering Burnaby or Richmond. But how far are these places from where I need to go? I don't want to be on a bus for 5 hours to get to one event. I'm calling on friends in BC to help me figure out a good location. Maybe they will even have the inside scoop on some places to stay?
If you know a good travel agent please give me their name!
I feel like planning to go the the Olympics should be its own sport. May the best, most determined man/woman/family win. Good luck all.

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