Saturday, October 3, 2009

Olympic Torch Relay

I've been hearing a lot this week about the Olympic Torch Relay as celebrity participants are announced. Back in June my mom told me about a website where you could enter your name to be a torch bearer. Being the Olympic fan that I am, of course I entered the contest. Unfortunately I wasn't one of the random winners chosen to participate in this exciting event. I assume someone must have told them of my inability to run. For all the people that did win, congratulations. Have fun. What a great event to be able to participate in. I guess for this part of the Olympics I will have to stand on the side lines and cheer on those who won. No problem. I'll get lots of pictures for my blogs.
If you want to know who the winners are and who will be carrying the torch in your area, go to Carry The Torch and search by name, day or map. I've marked December 18th and 19th on my calendar. That is when the torch will be passing through Brampton and Toronto.
For the full route and other information about the Olympic Torch Relay you can get information on the Vancouver 2010 website and check out their interactive map.
Bundle up and join me on the route to cheer on the Olympic torch. See you out there.

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