Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Olympic Torch is Coming To Toronto

I was Downtown Toronto yesterday and on the lookout for signs the Olympic Torch is coming.  I know it is here on Thursday December 17th and I wanted to see if my city was putting the word out.  And the answer is, of course they are!  This is a photo I took at Yonge St. and Queen St., the heart of our Downtown core.  People must have been in a good mood yesterday.  No one said mean things to me because I stopped dead in the middle of the sidewalk to take this photo!

Announcing the Olympic Torch Relay, in Toronto December 17th. 

I still have to look up the route to see where I can go to watch it.  As far as I know the Torch Celebration is at Nathan Phillip Square and begins at 4pm.  I'm hoping the Torch will be running by somewhere close to there before the Celebration begins.  Its very exciting! I promise to get as many pictures as I can.  I have heard that it goes by very quickly so I'm not sure what I'll be able to get. 
Some of my co-workers suggested I contact Breakfast Television, a local morning show here in Toronto on CITY TV, to ask if they needed any fans to help them cover the Olympic Torch Relay.  I sent in an email but as of yet have not had any response.  I'm sure they get tons of requests like this a day so I won't hold it against them.  It certainly would have been fun and I'm sure they could have got me really close to the Olympic Torch.  So I will stand on the sidelines with all the other Canadian Olympic fans.  After all, isn't that where I really belong?

Remember to be on the lookout for displays of Olympic pride.  If you see a display somewhere that references the Vancouver Olympics and our Canadian teams, send me a photo.  I'll compile all of them into a future blog post.  Check out my post "Is Olympic Fever Spreading" for info.


  1. I'm so excited for you! You're going to have a great time! Keep your eyes open for Coca-Cola flags that say ONTARIO, 'cause they seem to be harder to get than the CANADA ones. Hmm... what else???
    One of the Coca-Cola trucks that travels the route before the Torch gets there may have the glowing Coca-Cola bottles which are pretty neat.
    Oh - and most importantly, if you can get somewhere to watch the Relay during daylight, you'll likely get better photos! It's hard to be excited and take night time photos without just getting a bunch of blurs! :D
    And I think you'll get much closer than you suspect, really it's only a few feet away, and so very inspiring! If you are a cryer like me, you'll want to bring some tissues :D

    OK, I'll stop babbling! Have fun though and post lots of pictures!
    Andrea -

  2. Thanks Andrea. You are too funny. I can feel your enthusiasm from here! All good points to remember. I'll take as many photos as I can. Thanks for all the tips.
    I am a cryer so tissues are probably a good idea. I should also warn my Mom too.
    Keep your fingers crossed for mild weather for us. It is supposed to be -7 on Thursday! Oh, what we do for the Torch. :)

  3. Hey there,

    Check out the site for details on the celebration, and the torch relay route!!!

    Maybe we'll run into eachother on Thursday!


  4. Thanks Hardeep. I'm looking at that site right now. I do hope we run into each other. How will I know its you though?


  5. Christina ... I will be wearing my COLD-FX pins and I will upload a pic of me all bundled up to our page before heading out :o)

  6. Chritina,

    If you get a chance .. this would be a great image to capture of Canadians showing Olympic Spirit: Kurt Browning will lead hundreds of Canadians in a massive Wave in to show Canadian Olympic Spirit today (December 16, 2009) 12 pm to 1 pm at Younge and Dudas Square


  7. Thanks for all the info Hardeep. I will be on the look out for COLD-FX pins.
    Great idea to get a photo of Kurt Browning and the Wave. I was at work today so I couldn't get downtown to see it. I'll ask around to see if someone has a photo.
    Hope to see you tomorrow. I wonder if I will sleep tonight? What a great day it will be.

  8. Oops, I forgot to mention, my Mom and I will probably be leaving around noon to make our way Downtown. I'll check out the COLD-FX page before I go.