Sunday, January 24, 2010

Past Week's Events

There is a lot going on as we get closer to Opening Day of Vancouver 2010.  To give you an idea of some of things I have been up to, I thought I would put together a list of things I was working on last week.  It's a flurry of activity, anything from tracking down souvenirs, meeting new people, writing blogs and finding accommodation, again!
In  no particular order:
  • Find a place to stay for Olympic Opening weekend. If my plan works out, I can't afford to pay for another place to stay so someone I know will have to invite me to stay with them.
  • Met the wonderful Hardeep Gosal, who does an amazing job at running the Cold FX trivia contest on facebook and twitter. We met up for drinks and appetizers. I'm not even at the Olympics yet and I'm already meeting great new friends.
  • Heard the Olympic theme song "I Believe" for the first time on CHUM FM. Shed a few tears listening to it, it is such a beautiful song. I'm sure you will hear it a lot. It is sung by Nikki Yanofsky who is from Montreal.
  • Decided I wanted a few of the Olympic souvenir glasses from Petro Canada. Found the Capilano with no problem, really really wanted the Garibaldi. After my Mom checked 3 locations in Brampton, I was lucky to find one today in Toronto. Phew!
  • Have a list of a few more things I would like from the Vancouver 2010 store. Finalized the list and will be ordering this weekend.
  • Would also like some items from the Canada Post Vancouver 2010 collection. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Really nice stuff. Need to find the time to put in this order.
  • Find Canada flag lapel pins to give out to my new international friends I meet in Vancouver. Someone finally sent me a link to a place in Toronto (Globecraft) that I can order these from. (Thanks Hardeep)
  • Ordering some Flag Walk pins (buttons) in case I can't find Canada flag pins. These are nice because I can order countries in addition to Canada. I made sure to get a USA one for my Mom.
  • Researching where to go and what to  do in Vancouver when we have spare time, if any. Checking out and bookmarking the LiveCity sites and making notes on locations of the country sponsored houses and pavillions.
  • Try to find images for a future blog post. Robson Street Business Association helped me out and I have everything I need. Thx Tomarra.
  • Final condo payment went through. Now working on final arrangements for arrival and key pick up.
  • Entering lots of contests so I can win free stuff and have to spend less money on buying things. It is also a great way to learn more about the Olympics and meet some people along the way.
  • Plan next few blog posts. Trying to make sure all the ones I want are done before February 12th.
  • Work on uploading all my photos to online albums. I got a late start on this and hope to be caught up soon. This will be ongoing until I get all my pre Olympic photos uploaded and update my blog posts with links to the corresponding album.
I swear all of that happened last week.  I'm not sure what this week will be like. It is likely to include frequent blog posts so that I get all of my pre Olympic thoughts and activities documented. I have a few guest posts coming up that I think you will really enjoy so stay tuned.
I would love to hear about your Olympic preparations, whether you are making the journey out to Vancouver or getting ready to host an Olympic party at home. What are you doing to get ready for Vancouver 2010?


  1. Hi! We are also volunteering at the Olympics - in Whistler. I contacted my local city hall and M.P's offices and am getting pins from them. Just a suggestion! Have a fabulous trip and this experience of a lifetime!

  2. Fantastic idea! Already sent emails to Toronto City Hall and my MP. We'll see what happens. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

  3. Hey

    I think my 'to do' list is a long as yours. However, I must get mine done today or tomorrow as I fly on Wednesday.

    I am coming armed with a lot of Scottish pins and would like to trade with you.

  4. Hey there Christina,

    It was so great meeting you and seeing your enthusiasm for the Olympic Games :o)

    Both your and Andrea's love for Olympics & positivity are contagious! You will have the time of your life :o)

    We, along with everyone attending the Olympics & those who were soooo lucky to be torch bearers will remember these moments for the rests of our lives!


  5. CT also sells Canada and Olympic pins. Also try travel stores like Europe Bound etc, they usually have the Canada pins too.


  6. Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll check all the places mentioned. I have been lucky to get some pins provided for me by government offices and City of Toronto is sending me city pins. If anyone wants to trade city/country pins, you know where I'll be!

  7. Nice blog. I appreciate the links to useful info like Canada Post and the pin info. Like you, I blog the Olympics at, and hope to meet you at some point before, during or after Vancouver 2010. Have fun!