Sunday, February 7, 2010

BC'ers Welcome Christina Wallaert From Ontario

Updated 10: 20 pm
When I got up this morning I saw messages from Facebook in my email. The messages were referencing comments that had been made about me and some video. Warning bells started to go off in my head. Trust me when I say that I am not in any videos that I don't know about, and there are very few, pretty much 0 videos of me.  Imagine my surprise when I logged into Facebook and saw that Robert Werner had posted a video that was titled "Welcome for Christina Wallaert". Yesterday while out on a walkabout in Vancouver, he had the group give me a special welcome. I loved it! I didn't care that the resolution of the video was off.  I watched it over and over, laughed and cried, and sent my thank you's.

Later in the day Robert sent me a link for the video below. He felt so bad about the intial video, he created this new one. All I can say is the people of BC, the people of Vancouver are absolutely amazing! I am in awe of people I've never even met in person taking the time to think of doing something like this for me. I have to say I feel pretty special. I don't think too many other visitors are having video greetings made for them by the people in BC. What a special group of people they are. Vancouver I love you. I have a feeling I won’t ever be scrambling for a place to stay in Vancouver ever again.

February 8, 2010
There is yet another video! Scroll down to see the new and improved version, although for the record I was quite happy with the original! Thank you so much everyone for your warm welcome. I will be there very soon.


  1. That's great Christina! Good to see this is opening a whole new world for you! Have lots of fun I will try to keep up with the blogs.

  2. Now I am not sure how I missed this blog! Afterall that is me in that video message....Im the lady with the pink hair and now your friend on facebook....maybe one day we will meet in person!

  3. and I forgot to mention...that is my daughter in the front row far right!~

  4. Hi Angela,
    You had a lot going on then so not surprising you would miss something like my little blog. Thank you for the comment. I do hope we get to meet one day. Vancouver and its people have such a special place in my heart.