Monday, February 1, 2010

A Mish Mash of Olympic Stuff

Get your GM “Go Canada” Flag
I was on the GM Canada website the other week. After entering a contest a message came up telling me to go visit a GM dealership to pick up my free Go Canada flag. I called my parents right away and sent them over to their GM dealership (I don’t know where there is one in my area). My mom picked up 3 and I saw them on the weekend. They are really nice. They are the kind that sit in your car window. I’m going to take mine to Vancouver with me and wave it around with the Canada flag.

All of you should go visit GM and get your flags. Put it in your car window or display it at work or home. Do something to show your Canadian spirit! You can visit the GM Canada website to locate a dealer near you.

Classified, Canadian Rapper has Spirit

I have to thank one my vendors, Jason R., for clueing me in to this one. At a meeting last week Jason started off by telling me about a video he had seen of a Canadian East Coast rapper named Classified and his version of O Canada. Of course I had to see it so we looked it up and watched it while we ate lunch. I have to say the name “Classified” sounds familiar but I’m not sure what other material of his I may have heard. However, this is a great song/rap and an amazing video. I especially like the crowd shots of everyone dressed in Canada gear. I expect this video to be getting a ton of hits in the coming months, especially during February. You can check it out below. I think it is brilliant! I would love to see him performing this song somewhere in Vancouver during the Olympics. As of this post, his video has just over 167K views on YouTube.

City of Toronto Pins

I am happy to report that I will be representing Toronto well at the Vancouver Olympics. I wanted Canada stuff to give out to people but I also wanted to have something from my hometown as well. I emailed City of Toronto last week and they have a program that provides pins to people who are attending international events. I asked them if they would be able to give me some for the Olympics, sent them the link to my blog and now they are mailing pins out to me! I know Toronto pins may not be as sought after as the Olympic pins. I personally would not even mind if I came home with a collection of international pins from other countries and cities. The whole pin trading thing scares me a bit and I don’t really know enough about them to know if I am getting a fair trade. This seems much safer and easier to me. Hopefully the international visitors will be bringing city pins with them as well. I’ll post a photo when I get them, should be this week.

Nikki Yanofsky - "I Believe" Theme Song for the Olympics

I think I wrote about this beautiful song in an earlier blog post. I only heard it the one time, the first time I heard it and not since then. I did find it online and will have a listen to it there once in awhile. If you have not heard it before, you can hear it below with visuals from the Torch Relay. I can’t wait to hear this song in Vancouver. I wonder how many memories will become tied to this song for all of us?

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  1. So great to hear that you are getting complimentary pins from the city :)

    You will do a great job representing us Torontonians!

    I will see if I can get my hands on one of those GM flags, thanks for letting us know about them