Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 2 – My Vision Is Coming True!

February 13, 2010

It was a cool, rainy day today in Vancouver. Still on a high from the Opening Ceremony last night I didn’t get much sleep. I saw some of the TV coverage of the ceremony and I have to say it looks quite different from that vantage point. I loved that I was there to see it and will probably talk about it for the rest of my life.

First stop was the Bay Olympic Superstore where I was meeting Ashley to be interviewed yet again! Her crew is putting together segments from Vancouver 2010 and being shown at the Toronto Auto Show going on right now. I spent a bit of time with them answering their questions, shooting some extra footage of shopping around the store and posed for some still photos. Ashley said I was a natural on camera and a ton of fun to interview. I felt like a complete dork through most of it. This isn’t something that I have experience doing so that was a very nice compliment. After that I did some shopping of my own picking up some Coca Cola pins that I wanted. Tomarra and I both stuck a pin on the map in the Coke Pin Trading centre and received one in return. Tomarra was the brave one and made some pin trades with the people there.

In Vancouver, you can’t let the rain stop you from your plans so Tomarra and I made our way down to the waterfront to check out the external Olympic Cauldron. I wasn’t prepared for the huge fence that blocked it off from us but I guess it makes sense. Usually the Olympic Cauldron is high atop the Olympic stadium, out of reach for any who would want to vandalize it. This one is on the ground where anyone could get to it if it wasn’t blocked off. There was a huge crowd of people checking it out and taking photos. It honestly doesn’t look that much different whether it has 3 arms or 4 burning.

Lunch was next and we hit Earl’s on Robson Street. When we came out from lunch a huge crowd had gathered in the street and police had it blocked off. This part of the street was open to traffic so it was pretty alarming to see the police there blocking the road. We tried to find out what had happened but no one would tell us. Eventually we figured out something was going to happen and it wasn’t anything bad. This was the first time I had been exposed to a “Flash Mob” but it seems they are quite common. It is a group of people who gather in a designated place to perform a dance they have all learned somehow. This one was performed to “Dancing in the Street”. There were thousands of people involved in this. I was so excited! Didn’t I tell you there would be spontaneous breakouts of dancing on Robson Street? My vision was coming true! I told you, I told you! So happy Vancouver people are proving me right!

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the image of Vancouver 2010 you should keep in your mind throughout these Olympics. It goes to show you that thousands of people can gather in the street having a good time with no issues.

At night we found ourselves at the Four Host First Nations pavilion and were entertained by some wonderful Aboriginal singers. The first performer, Inez who had won many awards has a pop/hip hop sound. Surprised? Yes me too. It was not what I was expecting but just because your Aboriginal doesn’t mean you can’t sing in any style you want. Her music and songs are a strong influence in her music and you can make out some of those traditional sounds while listening to her. The second group was a brother/sister duo called Sister Says. Again from an Aboriginal background, they had a kind of jazz sound to them I think? I’m not a music genius so I’m not sure how to describe it, I can only tell you that I really liked them. What a great way to end Day 2.

Canada Medal Results: Jenn Heil, Silver Medal in Freestyle. Congratulations Jenn!

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  1. Rumour is that they are going to remove the fence around the cauldron! Maybe it will be down by the time you get here!