Friday, February 5, 2010

The People I Leave Behind

Back in 2008 when I starting planning this Vancouver 2010 trip, I didn’t even know who would be coming with me. I couldn’t wait to find someone; I had to go ahead and build my ticket request and submit it before the due date. I figured I would see if I could get tickets first, then worry about who was going to come with me. I asked my Mom if I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me if she would come. She said yes and I’m not sure if she ever thought that she would actually have to go. I asked a few friends that I thought had the best chance of saying yes. They all said no. Whether they weren’t big Olympic fans or they thought it would be too much money I don’t know. It was a year and a half before Vancouver 2010 would start and the excitement for people other than me hadn’t started to build yet.

At some point I told my Mom it was me and her that were going to make the trip. When she realized there were 9 events to attend she got a bit nervous and said she thought that might be too much for her. That is how my younger brother became involved. We needed a body and since he wasn’t working, he was available to come. To say he has been less than thrilled about the whole thing is an understatement. The most excitement I got out of him was a few months ago when he said, “I wonder what it will be like there”. Oh yeah, sensory overload on the happiness right there. I’m sure once we arrive they will get right into it.

That meant that both my older brother and my Dad would be staying behind. I certainly couldn’t afford to foot the bill for a family of 5, no matter how much I wanted to. So as we began this insane and really, really fun adventure, they sat on the sidelines and watched. They have been helpful in our planning stages. I know my Mom had my Dad looking up things for her on the internet, he sent away for information packages, checked out prices on flights and possibly hotels. He has dutifully gone to all the places I’ve sent him around Brampton whether it was to Rona to check out their Olympic pin offering or to their local MP’s office to pick up Canada pins for me. He may not be making the trip out to Vancouver with us but he has definitely been involved in the getting ready portion of the trip.

As for my older brother, Allan, his assistance came in the form of tech gadgets. He works at the Best Buy warehouse in Brampton, ON and has an arsenal of techy products that he offered to share with us. I couldn’t be bothered to learn about these things so I believe he has been giving lessons to Mark for whatever camera Allan is lending us. At Christmas time I found myself the proud new owner of a Panasonic Olympic 8GB memory card. I had been concerned my 2GB card would not be enough for the tons of photos and video I was going to take in Vancouver. Thanks to Allan, I no longer have to worry about it. And the 8 GB card has Quatchi on it, too perfect. Allan celebrates his birthday at the end of February which sadly we will miss. I will make sure we call him from Vancouver to wish him a Happy Birthday, no matter where we are that day. His birthday celebration will take place when we get home.

Then there are my co-workers who have been amazing through this whole thing. They have never once told me to shut up about the Olympics; in fact they are quite encouraging and ask questions all the time about my trip and adventures. They are a big part of why this has been so much fun for me. It would not have been as exciting if I didn’t have them to tell my stories to.

For all the people I can’t take to Vancouver, I am sad to leave them behind. I really hope they will be following along on my blog. If I can make them feel a part of the occasion even just a little bit I will be happy. For everyone who has helped me through this and shown their support and love, you have no idea how grateful I am. Without all of you to share this with, it would mean nothing. In Vancouver I will be cheering on your behalf. It has been such a joy to share this with everyone. Thank you so much.

As we get closer to the Vancouver Olympics make sure you are on the lookout for grand displays of Canadian Olympic Spirit. If you see something send me an image to inlcude in the photo album I started. I want Canada to show the world we have the most Olympic spirit around.  See the post about it here.


  1. Thats what blogs are for right? So that we can live vicariously through other people and that other people can live the experiences we go through. Its a wonderful way to keep in touch with other people!

  2. You are exactly right! I wish I could bring everyone with me but if I can't, my blog is the next best thing. Everyone will be able to keep up on what is going on and who we are meeting.