Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Thank You's

As I get ready to head out to Vancouver for my second trip, I want to list a bunch of people I need to thank. It is early, the Olympics are far from over but I would like to do it now before I start getting caught up in all the Olympic hoopla again.  This trip would not have been possible or gone as smoothly as it has without the help and patience of those listed below.  There are also several who have helped make this the most memorable experience and I am deeply grateful to them.  My thanks goes out to:

Inside Vancouver
Vancouver City Hall
West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce
Hello BC
Tourism Vancouver
Craig Smeaton
Michael Allison
Office of Michael Ignatieff
Office of Laurel Broten
Toronto City Hall
Mode Suites
Molson Canada
Erin Stanford
Cindy-Torch Bearer from Oshawa, ON
My Family
Kate, Robert, Julie, Andrea-for the Kindness of Strangers

And a very special thank you to my hostess this past weekend, Tomarra. Without her extending her home to me so graciously, I never would have been able to make my Opening weekend trip and I would not have been able to see the Opening Ceremony.  I have amazing memories from that trip because of her kindness and generosity.  I can never thank you enough but I can try!

To all the people I have met so far, you are just as much a part of this expereince as any Opening Ceremony or Olympic event.  You are the people I will be in touch with long after the Olympics are over.  May Vancouver 2010 friendships last for a very, very, long time, dare I say a lifetime?
To all the people I am going to meet next week, I look forward to it. 
See you in Vancouver again really soon.

I will continue to add to this list as necessary.


  1. Awwwww... you are so welcome!
    In fact... I should be thanking you...
    Although I've been busy, it hasn't been nearly as exciting since you left... walking around d/t by myself just isn't the same.
    You brought a love and excitement for the games that I thought no one else would understand but me!
    Looking forward to meeting up with you again this coming week!