Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 8 - I'm Back In Vancouver

February 19, 2010

It seems so odd that this day has finally arrived. Back in August of 2009, it seemed like a date that would never arrive. Even after my spur of the moment trip last weekend to come to Vancouver for the Opening Ceremony, I was aware that Vancouver 2010 had started but I'm not sure that it was really sinking in. As amazing as that trip was, Opening Ceremony was unbelievably amazing, this trip is going to be just as good, if not better. We have 9 events that we are going to over the next week and I will get to cheer for Canada as I see them compete in their events. I have posted my Olympic schedule so you can see if we will be at any of the same events.

Yesterday was a very long day. From getting up and to the Toronto airport to the flight, again West Jet TV's were not working, can you get your act together West Jet? Olympic fans are missing out on over 4 hours of action. Arriving in Vancouver and trying to get to our condo was a bit hairy, driving through downtown is not fun, especially coming into the area where we are right at the foot of BC Place and GM Place (Canada Hockey Place for the duration of the Olympics). Again some very friendly Vancouver people stopped to help us find our way. I'm telling you if you need help finding directions and there are no blue jacket volunteers around, stand on the street with a map and within 10 seconds a friendly Vancouverite will be at your side asking what you are looking for. This has happened to me twice now and I am very grateful for their assistance.

We eventually found the condo when Paula from Mode Suites came looking for us. We have beautiful views of Russia/Sochi House, the Olympic Village, the mountains and we can see those sail things too from where we are.

After watching Mellisa Hollingsworth do her final skeleton race, we headed out for dinner to Moxie's across the street. By this time we were starving, not having had a decent meal since breakfast which was on Toronto time. Then it was up to the grocery store for some basics to last us through breakfast and lunch for the next day. For my Mom and brother it was the first time they were really walking through the streets of Vancouver. My Mom thought it was hilarious. People were screaming and cheering, high fiving others in the street. I think she got a kick out of it. Mark as always was pretty subdued about it.

It was back to the condo and none of us lasted long beyond 9pm, that is midnight for us Toronto people. Hopefully we'll adjust to the time soon. I was up this morning at 4:30 am BC time and that is not something I want to continue doing!

Saturday and Sunday will be spent exploring more of the wonderful free events of Vancouver 2010, and meeting up with friends old and new. I'm back now so I'll try to keep my posts up to date. I can't even tell you how great it is to be back!

I would like to say that I don't think Mellisa Hollingsworth has anything to feel bad about. I saw an interview she did where she was crying and said she feels like she let down Canada. I realize maybe 5th place isn't where she wanted to finish but that is nothing to be ashamed about. She is representing our country fabulously, even if she didn't win a medal. Representing your country is about more than winning a medal, it is about grace, dignity and good sportsmanship. Melissa is all of that and more so chin up kiddo, no one in Canada thinks any less of you.

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  1. I an reading your blog from underneath those "sail things"! Welcome back, Christina!!

    Hey, if your mom is interested I am confident mine would be more than happy to show her around some ... and can get her into most any paid attraction for free!