Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Mittens Around Toronto

It is very cold in Toronto today, -5 cold in fact. I woke up early this morning to work my volunteer shift at an Arts Centre. I was shocked by how cold it was! I’ve been looking at Vancouver weather and see temperatures like 8 and 10 degrees, I guess I thought it would be that warm here too! It is nowhere close to that. I hope that mild weather continues when we are out there. Anyway, while I was at the Arts centre, I caught a glimpse of red mittens on a few people. Before now I haven’t seen many pairs of them out and about.

This afternoon I was in Bloor West Village getting my hair cut and also saw red mittens around. As far as Olympic spirit goes, I think that may be all we are going to see in Toronto. I’m surprised there isn’t a bit more of a display of support for our Canada athletes. Maybe things will start to pop up next weekend.

A trip to Zellers showed their shipments of red mittens had come in. They had bins and bins of them. As I was walking into the store, someone was walking out with 2 pairs of them. Looks like they are still in demand. I’m thinking if it is 10 degrees in Vancouver next weekend, it will be too warm to wear mittens.

photo from hbc website.

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  1. Bring your red mittens... even at 10 degrees your fingers get a bit chilly!