Monday, February 8, 2010

Canada Loot Bags

I have acquired quite a bit of Canada, Ontario, and Toronto trinkets to give away to our international guests during Vancouver 2010. It started to be so much stuff I wondered about the logistics of handing it all out. I didn't want to have to fish through different bags for 3 different types of pins, stickers, and business cards. I needed to compile everything so it would be easy, fast and neat when it came time to disperse my goodies. That is when I came up with the idea to create "Canada Loot Bags", you know like the kind you got as a kid at a party. 

These would be loot bags for Vancouver's 2010 visitors given out by me, spreading Olympic and Canadian cheer everywhere I go.  Each Canada loot bag will consist of 1 Canada flag pin, 1 set of Canada stickers and 1 pin of either Toronto or Ontario (pictured at left).  I have also added in my blog business card so people are able to stay in touch.  On the weekend I went to every Dollar Store I could find but Canada stickers were in short supply. I will keep checking though. The loot bag isn't complete without them.

Do you have suggestions for anything else that can be included in the Canada Loot Bag? If you do, please leave a comment with your idea as well as where it can be purchased.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on people's reactions to the Canada loot bags when I am in Vancouver.

My Canada Loot Bag: Canada pin, Toronto or Ontario pin and Canada stickers. My biz card is in there too.


  1. can u post a pic of the ontario pins? Alway seem to dodge it :D

  2. Thanks Marsi. I hope people like them.

    To Anonymous, I did take photos of the Ontario pins but they didn't turn out very well. I will try again and post them if they are clear.
    Thanks for reading.


  3. How about an Olympic quarter!

  4. I like the Olympic Quarter idea. RBC has rolls of them - maybe get a piece of paper and fold it like a card and write something inside like '
    'Welcome to Vancouver,Canada. Keep this souvenir 'money' to remember your time here' ...or something like that and then tape the quarter to the can even stick a canada flag sticker on it too. Just a thought. So kinda of you to hand out loot bags